'Get out and search the area.'

Kit bashed a bit and tried some new stuff to make a little diorama. Had lots of fun.


Looks great Werner. Something different and its all nicely put together and finished.

Thanks, I appreciate it.

A little nod in support of Ukraine as well. Nicely played.


Cool scene! Did you make the paver street and sidewalk? Also, how did you make the property wall and iron work in it?

I wouldnt be surprised if those colours sneak into a few builds …


ah, nice catch

Looks great, the only thing that I might do different is turn the street stones 90d otherwise I do like the rest of it. :+1:

Yip the street and sidewalk is just foam scored with a hobby knife and then a pen, The fence is also XPS foam cut to shape with a hobby knife. Lastly the ‘iron’ is toothpicks painted with metalics. Here is a ‘in process’ picture:

Excuse the work areas. :wink:


Ah good idea.

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@Werner88 , thanks for the SBS pictures. Very nice effects achieved

very clever

Nice . I like new thoughts.