Gettin' prehistoric - 1910 Buick Model 10 (OOB)

Finding new subjects to model is one of the great parts of this hobby, at least for me. When I branched out into building cars about 13 years ago, I never thought I’d build much more than a couple ‘80s loser machines. Well, then I found models of Street Vans, and Japanese Cars, and then weird Japanese cars, and it just spiralled from there.

My most recent source of interest is, as some of you know, Brass Era (BE) cars. I remember seeing these in museums I’d go to with my Uncle when I was little, and always thought they were cool. Now, I have started to set my sights on collecting kits of them! There are more early car kits than I thought, and I was lucky to find a bunch all at once in late 2021. When I posted the haul, I was surprised to find that the one most people wanted to see was actually the 1910 Buick!

So, check out the interesting and really very cool 1/32 Life-Like 1910 Buick Model 10 at the link below and you can see how Pyro and Life-Like were bringing the dawn of motoring to life half a century ago!