Ghost from Armorama's beginning

Hello all! I’ve been around since the earliest days of Armorama having stepped over from WW2Modelmaker (anyone remember that one?)
At any rate, I was a pretty prolific builder throughout the 90’s and 2000’s then hit a slump and drifted into other areas of interest. I always checked in at Armorama to see what was going on but my contributions dropped off.
Now I am retired and although 2020 has been a nightmare of family issues, health issues, wildfires and pandemics, I am back in the mood to start up some of the old projects that were shelved due to lack of interest.
I am just now getting used to navigating the new forum. At first it was pretty intimidating as I could operate in the old forum pretty much blindfolded. Kudos to Jim Starkweather for keeping the greatest modeling site on the web up to date with the new software. Also, a big hand to Jim and his staff (present and past) for the sites longevity and continuing popularity.



Welcome “back” to the new forums.
Posting images have become a hllva lot easier, almost worth all the hassle with moving over.
Some other things are better or a least a lot faster and some other things were better in the old forums.
Cheers / Robin

Welcome back. The quality of the kits and the building materials have also changed so it in some ways is like starting over again.

@creading Welcome back Charles. I hope you find us all as accommodating as we were previously. Many of us here have unfinished projects dating back that far, so you are in good company.

We usually have an ‘Unfinished Business’ Group Build each year if you want to join in for some encouragement to get back into the swing of things. This years thread is here:

Still a month and a half to 31/12, so we would love to see you there… or in next years build



Welcome back to the dark side… I hope you had a smooth ride here… Would love to see your builds here :slight_smile:

Welcome back to the festivities.

Good to have you back, Charles. Enjoy!


Welcome back

Hello Charles!
So long since ww2modemaker :slight_smile:

I’m glad to see you here and back modelling, you have been always a great diorama builder so I look forward for your next projects,

Take care,


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Hi Charles,

Welcome back! To get into the mood…try joining some Campaigns and enter something simple like a figure or an easy kit that can be built way before the deadline. I find low-stress Campaigns that are easy to meet the requirements a great way to get back into the modeling interest.