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A review of the 1/76 scale model of the Vickers Independent multi-turreted tank

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A nice looking little model; I find it quite interesting that in the 20s and 30s multi-turreted designs were seen as the way to go - Germany with its Grosstraktor and NbFzg, Russia with its T-28 and T-35, and the UK with this one-off; the command and control of such a vehicle must have been a nightmare.

And don’t forget the armor -or rather, lack of it, combined with the speed -or rather, lack of it - made them especially useless in practical settings. I think only the T-28 and T-35 were used in combat, and even they were only used because of the emergency of German invasion.

I love the fact that this tank was tearing itself apart when turning… Such a weird, esoteric vehicle.

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That reminds - me - or rather it doesn’t: I have 3 x Den Bels Grosstraktors in my Small-Scale Stash but am not sure why(!)

The T-28 was used against Finland, that’s why they have the majority of surviving examples…


Britain also used the Cruiser Mk1 with 2 machine gun turrets in the early stages of WW2 actually.