Gloss or Semi Gloss Over Natural Metal Finish

I’m finishing decal placement (lots of stencilling!) of Monogram F-84G. Tamiya Mica Silver and Flat Aluminum used for finish. To seal the decals, what would you recommend? Last time I tried this, the spray changed to appearance of the paint, not in my favor.

Hard to know what it will do without testing it.

If it were me I’d use gloss.


It all depends on the area of the aircraft. I go with gloss on sides and bottom and semi gloss on top on the fuselage and top of the wings. Think about how sun light affects the paint on a vehicle. Most cars that are parked in sun tend to fad on top more than on sides.

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Try Gauzy Shine Enhancer. It doesn’t change the metallic paint effect. I used it over Alclad.


Thanks guys. Embar, I’ve ordered the Gauzy product and will see how it works out. Will post images then.

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Ernbar, that is beautiful!

thanks for the tip too;)
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