Gluing metal and plastic parts together

How do you do this?

Superglue or epoxy.

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Liquitex Gloss Medium gel, red label.

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All of the above depending on what you’re gluing. Heavy stuff like gun barrels, epoxy. Fiddly photoetch? CA glue or like Tank said, the gloss gel. I’m a recent convert to it. It doesn’t cure instantly, but once dry it’s a much less brittle bond than CA, especially where there’s minimal surface area to work with.

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I actually glue all of my metal with the gel medium now unless I need an instant bond. I glued the barrel on my archer with the gel medium using a good amount and it’s rock solid once dry


What he said.

Similar in application to acrylic mediums is head cement. Fly fishers use it to secure knots on their custom lures. It thins well and doesn’t run. I’ve used it with good success on porthole eyebrows (rigole) and the like.

Wow. i hadn’t thought of that one!!

I use Starbond Black CA glue. It has rubber infused in it so the glued part has some flexibility and won’t spring off if knocked. It makes a huge difference and it’s much better than traditional CA glues. The glue also give you about 20 seconds working time to get the part in place, which is plenty of time to position it.

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CA has great tensile strength but poor shear strength. Epoxy has much better shear strength, so I wouldn’t classify them together. Different needs for different applications, i.e. landing gear, stowage, muzzle brakes, bogies…

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Very true, epoxy has better shear and is excellent for lots of tasks.

The Starbond black CA has better shear than traditional super glue. It’s a lot better having rubber mixed into the formula. Starbond black makes for a middle ground between epoxy & traditional CA in some ways. SBB makes for nice improvement over traditional CA.

Plus being black it’s easy to see any excess squeeze. It’s easy to clean up with a little quantity debonder on an old paint brush.

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