Gluing Resin Together So That It Stays Together

I have several resin figures of good quality. Problem: I tried super glue and epoxy, but I cannot get the figures to stay together; they come apart too easily. Fortunately before I started painting them. What does anybody else do?

Super glue and epoxy usually work well on resin. Perhaps the manufacturer got a little carried away with the mold release. Soap and water usually removes the release residue. Good luck.

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The above, plus some resins just don’t take super glue well. In my experience it was the very few Verlinden figures I purchased, although I’m sure there are others. Never had a problem with Legend, CMK or Live-Resin. But when it does happen, i simply drill holes in the parts and pin them together with pieces of brass rod.

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I have had good luck with Liquitex Gloss Gel Medium.

I use Greenstuffworld CA glue and it works great for resin.

Mating surfaces need to be clean and err… flat, Gap-filling superglue/CA isn’t going to work if your surfaces are more gap than flats.

Drilling & pinning is always a good option, as is making sure your Superglue/CA is fresh & of good quality.


As @18bravo and @Jon_Arnold said- drilling and pining is a good approach- I use the straight bits of paper clips.

I find that roughing up the two surfaces to be mated can sometimes help- a coarse sanding file would be suitable. Depending on size/shape you could also try putting it in a grip vice or something of that nature.

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Less is more with CA glue,too much doesnt help,also as was mentioned,rough up the surfaces.

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Superglue does stick, but you have to wait for it to dry. The “Dries in 10 seconds” claim is bogus. I think you’re rushing it…patience is the key.

Washing the resin and roughing up the glue surfaces also helps.

Best to buy a “Second Hand” clamp or an articulated arm like they sell in Wargaming shops—Citadel Miniatures makes plastic arms with clamps sold on Amazon. Glue the pieces together, clamp or have the articulated arm hold the pieces, and then wait until tomorrow and even the slickest resin will glue together with epoxy or superglue.

Citadel Assembly Stand With Plastic Arms

And you can also pin the pieces together too with metal pins or wires.

I used to hold the pieces together for minutes and they won’t stick. So just leave the figure propped up the way it should be glued and just leave it alone until tomorrow; it’ll stick together.

I use a toothpick to apply the superglue onto the gluing surface.


Besides degreasing the resin mating surfaces, keep in mind many CA glues have the usable shelf life of a fruit fly. If it doesn’t pass the fingertip test… throw it in the trash.

I went to Hobby Lobby and bought Liquitex Gloss Heavy Gel, since they didn’t have medium. Thanks, I got a nice strong bond at last!

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This stuff works very well with all types of CA. Just don’t use it when super gluing your finger tip back on - it causes an exothermic reaction.

I bought the stuff a month ago and it works great yes!

Good to hear. Credit for the tip goes to @SdAufKla who posted it on here awhile back and probably on the old forum a few times too.


Ironically enough I found that super glue works great for Panzer Art figures but ineffective on YFFW resin. I have no clue why.