Godhand Brushes Any Good for their Expensive Prices?

I’m seeing the new release of Godhand Brushes and I’m wondering if they’re worth the price per each one, about $20-$23 USD EACH! I find that kind of expensive for a single brush compared to sable artists brushes sold exclusively for the hobby (not those cheap brushes at the art and craft stores).

The Internet doesn’t have any reviews of these Godhand brushes yet. I appreciate the feedback on what justifies the cost per a single brush.

Thanks in advance.

Mah…for that price I go for Winsor & Newton series 7 or Rosemary serie 33 proper kolinsky artists brushes

I guess it’s perspective…

Saw this topic and was talking with my fiance about being on the fence about ordering a $22 Godhand paint brush. She laughed saying you don’t know how lucky you (modelers) are a decent make up brush is easily $45 and the best ones are $100 or more. A quick Google revealed a $400 make up brush.

The GodHand nippers proved worth the cost, so I will buy one GH paint brush.

I agree. I’ve been using W-N series 7 for years and if you take care of them they’re excellent. I paint figures with Vallejo’s and the sizes I use are 000,00,0, and 1. You really don’t need any other sizes for 35th scales figs of course it’s up to you. I’m lucky to be good friends with several members of the Long Island figure club, one of whom is one of the most accomplished figure painters in the world and he says the same. I was just ordering new brushes from Jerry’s artarama and the prices I’m seeing are 12-15 per brush. Very reasonable. Never used Godhand brushes but maybe give the WN a try? I also just bought something called Brush gel plus from Folkart. It cleans your brushes but really removes the dried paint if you use acrylics that is, better than water. I use it several times per session. Best of luck!

Fortunately for the ladies, their makeup brushes are not really “consumables,” but brushes for modeling essentially get used up as they’re being used.

Sure, I’ve got some brushes that are pretty old, and I spend a lot of time and effort to clean and maintain my paint brushes, but in the end, they all wear out.

Still, depending on the size, US$22 for a Kolinski sable brush is not unreasonable.

These Godhand brushes are not made from sable, though. They’re made from synthetic bristles, and for a synthetic bristle brush, they are quite expensive. Maybe not unreasonably so, but they would have to be seriously top of the line to justify their price. Another question is the actual size. The Godhand brushes are sold in S, M and L, but to add even more confusion, there is a “fine point L” sized brush. It would be much easier to shop for these on line (where you can’t actually inspect them in person) if they were sized by the normal numeric standard.

Maybe worth a chance to buy a single brush to test out, but I personally wouldn’t drop a pile of moola-cash-o’la on several of them until I’d at least tried one out.

Supposedly they got good reviews on YouTube according to a friend; they are from Japan I believe so the quality is probably good. Hey buy one and give it a shot, but $22 is more than I would pay for a paint brush.

What SdAufKla said is true, even well cared for paint brushes wear out.

I like Windsor Newton, have couple WN’s and several Floquil hobby grade paint brushes. I’m Brave enough/ foolish enough to try one GH brush.

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Yes this is true

Well, for sure if you (or anyone else, for that matter) does give one of these a shot, do please let the rest of us know what you find.

I’m not too cheap to spend money on good brushes, but sight-unseen is a hard sell for me. On the other hand, to borrow from T.S. Lawrence, “A good brush on the bench is beyond rubies!”

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@metalhead85…I see you mentioning Brush Plus from Folk Art/Plaid acrylics. I bought an 8 oz bottle some10 -15 years ago and am almost finished it. I bought it locally then, and can’t find it anywhere under the Plaid name. I also see the price for it is really crazy, and it’s mostly available only in tiny 2 oz bottles. I had to order a bottle on-line from Walmart and I’m still waiting for 2 weeks (we’re in the middle of a month-long Covid lock-down here, and luxuries are impossible to find) ! Brush Plus is IMHO about the best brush cleaner I’ve used. :+1:

I’m very happy using Atlas brushes. Very good quality for very modest price!

If you can’t eventually find the brush cleaner you’re looking for, try the “Winsor & Newton Brush Cleaner and Restorer.” Be careful, though, as it will take ANY kind of dried paint out of the bristles and ferrule. It’ll even remove the paint from the handle.

I usually follow it up with “The Masters Brush Cleaner and Preserver” which works a lot like a hair conditioner for natural bristle brushes.

You can source both of these from Dick Blick (if you can’t find them locally at a big-box arts and crafts supply store):

Dick Blick:: Brush Cleaners

Ordered the GH brush, looks like about two weeks before it arrives. Will report back to this thread my impressions.

Yes let us know bro

I use only the Master and clean and restore perfectly,help keep the shape,if you like W&N brushes give a look to Resmary brushes web site in UK you would be disappointed


For the GH brushes if they are synthetics the price it’s off the hook,let’s forget the world of modeling for a moment, but the brushes grow in price the bigger they are, 22 for a micro brush is exaggerated and much, the best kolinsky hand made at Rosmary go from 7 $ the 0/3 to 8.25 2 … over that size for as is to big,I don’t question the GH quality, I have their nippers and they are fantastic, but the price for 1 synthetic brush is really exaggerated for me

Yes I just bought it yesterday at Michaels but strangely couldn’t find it in a few other art stores during my lunch break but then again those other stores had similar products but different brands. It’s 8oz and I think it was about $10. I got the second to last bottle lol.
I use it every so often during a painting session to get the paint particles off the brush and then I go back to the water and start painting again. I usually paint for at least 2-3 hours at a time. Acrylics dry do fast you have to keep your brushes clean, honestly don’t know if it’s helping my figure painting though lol!

A friend of mine here in NY , Dan Capuano does these huge dioramas over the years ( look him up on the internet), has become one of the best figure painters around ; he uses the cheapest brushes he could find. He told me this years ago. Not sure if he still used cheap brushes but his skills are incredible. Just goes to show ya…

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@metalhead85 hey that’s cool, I know Dan, I’ve hung with him at the MFCA show (or the hotel bar) a handful of times over the years. He and I and Iain Hamilton from AMMO usually kill a few hours talking about hockey.

Dan and I also share that cheap brush thing, I’m hard on my brushes.

Awesome! He’s a GREAT guy! And a fellow Ranger fan lol, yes we always talk hockey after modeling and have had some beers at various shows. Amazing figure painter and armor modeler too.

Lately, I’ve been tempted to blame my paint brush for figures ending up FUBAR & cross-eyed.

Wink…Old J-Hook has been my liquid cement and texturing brush since the mid 1990’s.