Goin' way, waaaaay back - 1909 Hupmobile (OOB)

We all know that “retro modelling” is now a major force. We’ve seen the reissues and the rose-tinted glasses of nostalgia have never been put to more use than now. There’s a lot of demand for repops of old, hard to get kits of weird, not-kitted-since subjects. I thought this was a new trend. I was surprised to find out just how “not new” it was when I got my big box of models in the mail from Alan.

In that box, among all kinds of cool stuff, was a Hawk Hupmobile Runabout. This is certainly a subject you don’t find kitted today, and I wasn’t surprised to see it was from the mid ‘60s. However, I was surprised to find out that even then, the model and the subject were both retro, being issued in the mid ‘50s by Kaysun. Thus, you could say that this unusual model really is an early example of a retro-repop!

Check out this ancient replica of an even more ancient relic at the link below. It won the poll I put up, but I’m glad I did. I find Brass Era cars fascinating, and this kit is pretty awesome.


I have this beastie in the stash:
albeit without the figures, but these are available separately:
and may fit your Hupmobile.

My intentions for the kit are less honourable, my tastes run to the Steampunk and I’m looking towards creating a ride for this Lady:

If your Hupmobile is feeling lonely there’s this as well:
or even this:




Not my cup of tea as the saying goes, but it’s always nice to see any plastic model company issuing a new kit, not the usual of late re-issues.


I stumbled across one of those Highway Classics many years ago. I think it was a Ford model T.
I bought it mostly for the box :wink: