**Gold Medal Models is winding down**

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We don’t normally repost items from other forums, but the note below by Loren Perry of Gold Medal Models (http://www.goldmm.com/) is of interest to the entire ship modeling community:

Gold Medal Models is winding down.

Posted by Loren Perry on May 14, 2022, 13:14:39

My recent 75th birthday combined with my increasingly deteriorating health is now causing some undeniable changes in the continued existence of Gold Medal Models.

My wife and I had a talk yesterday and we’ve agreed to start the process of shutting GMM down. The first items to go will be the entire model ship detail line. As of now, no re-stocks will be ordered and existing stocks will be sold until all is consumed. The N- and HO-scale model train lines will continue as before and re-stocks will continue to be ordered as needed.

My wife is convinced she cannot carry on the ship detail line on her own and seeing as we have no descendants to hand things down to, we’re going to greatly simplify the load for her sake.

The ship side of the business has seen a steady slide in orders for the past several years and it makes no financial sense to keep it going. Production costs have steadily increased which has forced us to raise our prices to be able to pay the bills, and numerous competitors have diluted the market for everyone. More and more high-end kits now provide their own PE details so the demand has gone down even more.

Due to my lung condition, I barely have enough physical energy left to fill orders and package products as it is. Being so heavily specialized, the ship detail line requires a certain technical knowledge and level of experience to successfully cater to the wants and needs of customers. Just knowing where to look in my sizable research library for needed information would be a major challenge. My wife does not have these skills (which take years to learn and work with) so this will be the end of the GMM ship line.

In contrast, the model train line of fittings is very straightforward and easily grasped by someone with only basic skills and the job is much more easily learned. Shipping is easier due to the small size and light weight of the products.

In the future, I’ll be updating our on-line price list and order form on a regular basis. As of today, the vast majority of ship detail sets are in stock and only a small number are sold out. More sets will be selling out in coming weeks and months. Items that sell out will have the words “SOLD OUT” in place of their former price on our on-line price list. Anyone placing an order for a sold out item after that date will have their money immediately refunded via the manner in which they paid, ie. via check or via PayPal.

Foreign orders will no longer be accepted or processed due to the added paperwork burden and expense. This includes any country requiring customs forms such as Canada or Mexico. This is also effective immediately.

I won’t be able to answer many questions concerning this situation so I hope and pray you’ll understand. Any answers I’m able to give will be short and to the point.

Loren Perry
Gold Medal Models

Getting old sucks …


Such a shame as I like the GMM line of ship PE sets and as per Robin’s comment, getting old does indeed suck.

Just like to also wish Loren all the best.

Agree, always preferred GMM PE offerings over all other manufacturers out there. First thing I did when I ordered a new ship kit, I would visit their site and if they offered it, I would purchase it.

Mark :beer:

Sadness… :slightly_frowning_face:

Am very sorry to hear this News. Their P/E is the first I ever used and have fond memories of their product.

GMM has stopped accepting and filling orders.

Posted by Loren Perry on June 22, 2022, 15:52:37

Gold Medal Models has stopped accepting and filling all orders for model ship fittings, effective immediately. Anyone who has sent payment (PayPal, check, money order, etc.) will have their payment refunded via the method by which they paid.

GMM is currently in the process of transferring the GMM model ship fittings line to new owners. The period of transition will take a few weeks after which the present range of etched metal detail sets will once again be made available for purchase. We’ll be retaining the model trains fittings side of the business for now.

More information on this change will be posted here as things come together.


Well, that is good to hear, that at least some of the GMM line will continue elsewhere, much in the same way that White Ensign’s products are now available as part of Tom’s models.

Do we know who the new owners of the GMM line are?

So far no announcement about who the new owners will be, but I agree, it is great that GMM etch will continue to be available!

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Gold Medal Models’ new owners

Posted by Loren Perry on June 24, 2022, 15:01:59

Today, I can finally announce the identity of the new owners of the Gold Medal Models range of photo etched metal model ship fittings.

GMM/Ships will be part of the Squadron company subsidiary of Military Model Distributors in Ellijay, Georgia USA. Their website is Contact

The changeover is now in its initial stages of transfer and will likely take a few months to complete as the Squadron crew receives boxes of GMM material via UPS and then organizes everything into a usable system. They will also have to dedicate some trained personnel who specialize in handling and packaging the delicate etched metal products. Squadron will be authorized to use the Gold Medal Models trademark.

Some items are currently sold out and stocks will have to be replenished. The same etchers will be utilized so the overall quality should remain unchanged.

The Squadron team will be announcing further developments as they take place. I’ll have more to say on this site in due time.


Sad to hear Loren’s hanging it up. He and Tom were high class acts. One of them even volunteered to replace a fret that I had mangled, They didn’t even know who’s fret was. Hope Military Model Distributors can keep up the quality. :wave:


Happy to hear that their Products will still be available after the transition period…Cheers mark

Well, it’s good to hear that the GMM line will be available under another brand and in experienced hands at that too :slightly_smiling_face:

Posted by Brandon Lowe on July 13, 2022, 10:56:37

I have been friends with Loren Perry for a long time and many years ago I told Loren that when he gets ready to retire one day that I would like to be able to buy his line to continue on the brand Gold Medal Models that he created so many years ago.

Loren and his wife will enjoy a nice retirement and time together now and be able to sit back and watch his brand continue on even though it is located on the opposite side of the country! Loren resides in Lopez Washington… and of course Squadron is now located in Ellijay Georgia. So, big change for the brand. We intend to carry on with things the exact same way Loren has offered them. This includes his Photo Etch fittings in 1/700, 1/350, and other scales and also his decals and even his ship modeler’s PE guide book.

We have many of the 1/700 items in stock. About 1/3 of what Loren has left has arrived to us. Another 1/3 will be here Friday… and the last 1/3 will be here next week. After we get everything in, we will re-stock everything that has sold out… including the decals that have not been available for some time.

We have intentions of growing the line as well. Loren has a very specific way of laying out PE and instruction sheets and more importantly is very picky about the materials he used. We intend to keep everything the same. He didn’t name it “Gold Medal” for no reason!

We are also looking forward to having Loren on our upcoming “Squadron TV” channel soon interviewing him and letting him tell all of us the history of Gold Medal, how it came to be, and talk a bit about his personal model building hobby. We are really excited to be able to work with Loren on this interview and hope that you will tune in when the time comes.

As always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email or call me and I will help you any way I can! We also have a live chat function on our website and as long as I am at the shop and not running around in the warehouse I am available there too!

Thank you,
Brandon Lowe


Thank you, Squadron.

That is excellent news! Thanks for stepping into the breach, so to say. Way to go, Brandon!

Interview with Loren Perry

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