Good grief...tracks and more tracks...!

Do any of you chaps know what the difference is between the Takom Kit #2162 M48 tracks, and the Takom Kit #2163 track set is…? I’m just tryin to figure out if it’s worth getting the track set, or stay with the kit provided ones… :thinking:


It my understanding they are same. 2163 is set for other kits to upgrade.

They are exactly the same,
the track set is for those who just want the tracks for some other kit (i.e. for those of us who want to send the unreliable Dragon DS-tracks to the recycling bin after ripping them into tiny fragments in a fit of frustrated rage. It WAS quite satisfying to shred them …)

Sprue images available in the links below
Full kit:

Just the itty-bitty track pieces:

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Well, that was quick…!! Many thanks. Saved me some sheckles, and now I can buy the metal tracks for the Merkava.