Gorgeous RR Layout in HD Video | RailRoad Modeling

From the PILENTUM channel on You Tube. Their description: If you’re asking model railroaders and railway enthusiasts in the United States, where to find one of the most outstanding model railroad layouts, they will probably answer, this is the “Piermont Division” made by Howard Zane.

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://railroadmodeling.net/video/gorgeous-rr-layout-in-hd-video

At 55 seconds in or so I was thinking… if only someone made movable figures that could pace back and forth across large areas. :smiley:

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JPTRR, featured an article describing a similar setup with a cross-country ski loop.

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Thanks, KoSprueOne, and welcome back to on-line!

There are some animated figures, mainly waving, fishing, things like that. NOCH makes them, as does Veissmann. Even a woman busting a guy across the head with a rolling pin. I recall seeing a large group randomly moving via magnets but that may not a be a kit.

NOCH makes a couple of other goodies:


Not to mention…