Got Wheels 2020 Group Build ...cont from old Forum

Only a month + to the end of the build timeline, so I have taken the Dana off the Shelf of Shame, and got stuck into it again. Heaps more scratch built components were needed, but after a few days, I am now on the home stretch for the build…

Removed the completely incorrect ‘brackets’ on the suspension frame and Transmission housing, then added everything that was missing in the kit but will be visible when the finished model is viewed from the front:

Reworked the shockingly poor Hobby Boss light housings to the correct shape and size and made the ammo racks that will be visible through the loading door on the inside of the gun mount blisters.

Rebuilt the open area behind the cab in front of the gun housing from this:

to this:

There is an etch piece that goes over the ends of the copper wire, so they did not need to be too neat…

And rebulit the engine grill:

PS… The tyres are just popped on for now. I will put them on the right direction later…


Great scratchbuilding. Glad to see this build is still going. I have the same kit in the stash, and after seeing all you’ve had to do to make it accurate, it’ll probably stay there a bit longer

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Here’s where Romfell is:

I’ll leave one engine compartment hatch open, so it’s engine painting next.

Excellent Pasi. So unusual a design it really grabs the attention. With so much engine detail it would be a pity to not have it visible.

You put quite some effort into this Dana! Great to watch and happy too see you sharing it!

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Okay, build is FINALLY finished. The remaining bits…
Corrections to the auto loader arms, Hyraulic rams and a Jack block the right height plus a jack and a proper cover!

Side extensions to the conveyor needed replacing and missing components added in the pic above
More detailed pics of the jack and cover - Horror Boss give you that rectangular box…

Okay Guys. When Missing Persons comes asking about Kermit, you know nothing right?

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Wow Peter! Your work continues to amaze me!

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And done:

Thanks for great campaign.

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I hope this post is in the correct spot, considering the huge changes.

Dragon BRDM is done. No weathering yet, kinda factory-fresh (for now).

Hmmm, don’t need Imgur/PhotoBucket/etc. anymore?

Mike :hammer_and_pick:

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Excellent work guys.

Glad to see the Romfell finished Pasi, this kit has intrigued me since it was released…

Factory fresh is good too Mike.

Didn’t quite get the Dana done - it was the first kit I started this year, but it has been an on again, off again project due to my general disappointment with the base kit and then the scratchbuild work I had to do wore me down a bit. Now painted and flat coated and ready to add the final pieces - then a little more detail painting and touch ups in some places followed up by the rest of the weathering.


Nicely done Peter, and you put in a lot of very very nice extra detailing which took it up a few levels :+1:

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