Grail Score! 1/48 ACH-47A Chinook

well folks i have been after this kit for a while since i heard about being in 1/48 and i finally managed to get one. It has come all the way from Greece as italeri no longer have it in production.

so here it is; the italeri 1/48 ACH-47A gunship from Vietnam


Do it justice, it is what you’ve sought for so long. I hope you enjoy every minute. :fist_right:

Oh my ! What a treasure ! Going to be a dandy build . Hope to see lots of pictures of progress .

@Phantom13 @flatfour I’m trying to get the work bench clear of other projects first.

Copy that !

There is a couple now in 1/35th if you have an empty hanger at home to put the beast

@Whitney_Foreman i think my wife would have something to say about that, especially as i was economical with the true regarding what i paid for the kit lol.


i have also broken my new year’s resolution to not buy any kits…not bad i guess, i almost made it to March lol


OH come on, how much “madder” can she get… you wait, there will be a 1/16th version one day… You can start the conversation off with, " honey just be thankful I didn’t get mugged on the way to the hobby shop" LOL LOL… so says the confirmed bachelor :disguised_face:

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Indeed, 2 months is a good time. I broke my new year’s resolution “no sweets in the night” within the first 2 days of 2023…