Great book - David Parker's Crew School


Just wanted to share…

I just picked up a copy of a great how-to book on building and painting tank crews. If you spend as much time as I do, trying to fit crewmen into tank hatches in realistic positions, you should look at this one:

‘David Parker’s Crew School’. It’s available on Amazon, on sale for $27.26

IMHO, it’s great!

David is one of the editors of AFV Modeling Magazine, so the photos and presentation in the book are up to that publication’s high standards.


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Awesome book

My impression as well. Here’s my full review of the book:


I agree entirely about the value and quality of Crew School (had my copy for over a year now). However, just to point out that David Parker is much more than just ‘one of the editors’ of AFV Modeller - he was one of the founders/owners of the magazine and continues to be the driving force behind it.

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