Great Finish

Continuing the discussion from USMC M4A2 Sherman (Dragon Late PTO 1/35), Tinian 1944:

Nice finish, how long has it taken you and how did you get the finish ? .

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Thanks Peter! I think I worked on this for three weeks, but the kit itself isn’t so complicated. Paint was done using AK Real Color Olive Drab N22 and Olive Drab Faded. Weathering was done mostly with oil paints :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply ,this has been a great help and I now have a better idea of what to do .


I did something similar for my USMC M46 Patton so here’s the step by step process, hope this helps :slight_smile:

  1. Did some pre-shading with white and black
  2. Applied AK Real Color Faded Olive Drab
  3. Applied a bit of AK Olive Drab N22 (basically the original OD) in some parts to stimulate shadow
  4. Painted small details like wooden handles, machine guns, etc.
  5. Gloss Coat
  6. Dark Brown Pinwash all over the vehicle
  7. Decals
  8. Matte Coat
  9. Oil Dot Filtering Technique, with touchups of lighter oil in some areas
  10. Applied the original olive drab in a chipping-like manner across areas with high usage - to replicate the fresher paint underneath getting revealed due to the grime getting wiped away or scuffed off due to contact. OD was a tought paint.
  11. Applied Dark Brown oil paint on edges of some detail like the hatches to stimulate dirt
  12. Pigments on the tracks and some parts of the hull.
  13. Done!