Great Wall Hobby PaK 44 128mm

I think it might help in painting as it’s not such a bright color to cover up.
I haven’t used it yet with glue

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Calling it done.


That looks excellent Dan. Great job on the camo!
This might have to be my next build…

I always thought about building this and putting it in a diorama with some GIs climbing all over it kinda checking it out.

Thanks much
If you do build it a metal barrel is recommended unless you’re great at putting.

I may have to consider it if the kit barrel is too difficult to clean up yeah.

Looks great but are they ever really done?


Looking good Dan! It was nice to meet you in-person at the Seattle IPMS Spring Show on Saturday. I arrived in Harrisburg PA this evening for the AMPS show.

Thanks much!
Nice to meet up with you as well.
We had a big time there and enjoyed ourselves!
Have a good time in PA