Great Wall Hobby PaK 44 128mm

Part of the pile of shame group.
Nice kit with no problems.
Barrel is from the Trumpeter version of the kit with a Aber muzzle brake.
I put all the PE in AKs blueing liquid.



Nice job so far Dan. I have this kit and will be watching.

Thanks, I find it a better kit than Trumpeters version.

Big wheels


For a big gun.

I had the Cromwell resin version, not sure where that is now, may pick up this kit for a quick build…

Ready for paint.



Something I would like to see is more crews for artillery and guns like this.

Nice work on yours.

Looks great Dan

Thank you


I, too, have this kit, for several years now. Nice kit, but I read in a forum somewhere, that the gun was actually mounted mounted on a gun carriage from a captured French 150 mm gun, or something. I’m not making a definite assertation… just what I read.
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Thanks, I’ve read something along those lines but I swear that I’ve seen a pic of this set up somewhere.

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They did mount some 12.8 cm guns on 155mm French GPS-T carriages as well as some on 152mm ML 20 Soviet carriages. They were known as the K81/1 and K81/2. They used the 12.8 cm caliber because it was an established naval caliber. You can find photos of them online in what appears to be an allied collection center.
On the GPS-T Carriage

On the ML 20

Looks great Dan. I have the kit as well and enjoyed the build.

I just modify figure kits to achieve the crew I want. Helps to buy hand sets from the likes of Royal,Hornet,…etc. Dragon sorta does the same thing. One of their gun “crews” and the one in the Das Werks Pak 40 is their Frozen Battleground 1941 figure set.

Thanks much

Does it promote glue/ paint adhesion?