Green for British Army vehicles in the 1980´s?

I am about to spray my Airfix Ferret. I want to paint a 1980´s camo pattern green/black. I the various books I have, the green look like RAL 6014. I don´t think they used the Deep Bronze Green in that timeframe. I prefer Tamiya colours.

I used Tamiya Nato green (XF-67) on my Chieftain and it looked good to me, however others on here have mentioned using Field Grey (XF-65) and I can see that working also. Deep Bronze Green was well out of fashion by that time.

Thanks! I found out myself that XF-67 is a very versatile colour. Does anyone have the BS number for that colour?.

I found this film on Youtube.
I wobder were the T-62 an BTR-60 are from? Hohenfels OPFOR maybe?

Humbrol 163 has always been my go to. Always looked like a dead on match to me, but any green similar to it should do the trick.

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I’m a fan of Field Grey.

I think I’ll have a look at the Humbrol and field grey options for when I start and ultimately paint my ferret.

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Tamiya Field Grey will work great for a well faded green on Chieftains. WOnder if it’ll work just as well on a Challenger 1…

I think it’ll work on a Ferret as well…


As Max said, Tamiya Nato Green (XF-67) for a new paint finish, or for a faded look, the XF65 Field Grey is good.

Reynier @SableLiger … ref the 65 on a Cr1 … yes it will.


Thanks, Johnny… It’s all the info i need. :+1:


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Ha! Timely post. Earlier this evening, I was researching the correct Vallejo Model Air color for the Airfix Ferret in Cyprus scheme. In the category, “International Security Assistance Force”, there is a shade called 71.250 Bronze Green. In the category, “NATO Colors”, 71.250 Bronze Green appears again as NATO Green Europe Post 1984.

If I use model air I mix interior green 71.010,olive drab 72.043 50/50.
That gives a worn IRR green.

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If you’re having a replacement wing, headlight, wheels, any item they are still supplied, in bronze green from the supply chain.

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My try on British Green. It´s a mix of XF-62 and XF-67. The model is Tamiya´s Mk.5. with some replacement parts form Castoff.


XF-67 NATO Green = FS 34094 NATO Green


I just tested Tamiya XF-65 Field Grey with good results. I think I will stick with it.
Thanks guys!


My favorite plastic pusher got a restock of Takoms FV432. I think I will add three more to my collection. With AA conversions it will be Mortar Carrier, Ambulance and Swingfire.