Griffon Model detail set for Italeri 72'6 MTB

I wish I had known about this earlier when it was available. If any body knows where I can get my hands on one or if somebody has parts they have not used änd would like to sell I would be most interested and eternally grateful!

Welcome Peter, and hope you get a lead on the bits you’re after. Sorry I can’t help with that but there’s a lot of people here who may know more about a source or help out with other info…

Best of luck

Welcome aboard Peter. Which of the seven Griffon sets are you looking for?

While eBay doesn’t currently have any that might be source or go to contest vendor area.

I found the bridge set on Ebay so any of the other sets or the complete package would be most welcome.

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Congratulations on the find. Scalemates didn’t show a complete set but it also not the end all be all of things.

Thanks, as this may well be my last build I want it to be something special, the Griffon detail sets would certainly make that possible. I think Griffon Model is no longer trading though, - Covid maybe? - so I don’t hold out any hope of finding new supplies on the internet.

It appear they closed shop in 2018 just before Covid, doesn’t matter as the problem still exists of finding the parts. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.

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