Ground Based Sidewinder Turret?

Did anyone remember “Telefon” movie feat. Charles Bronson? In on scene a plane attacker was shot down with a remote controlled turret of the M54 Chaparral system. I remember seeing a similar turret at Neuburg/Donau Airbase in the 1980`s. Are there any specific informations?

Sort of…maybe. I haven’t seen the movie, but…

I have seen a trailer mounted version.

A naval mount.
MIM-71 naval

Also a drawing of what looks like a ground mount, but I have never seen an actual picture of one. The drawing does sort of look like what the separated platform looks like in your other post about the Sidewinder Shipping Containers though; when it is lifted by the Chinook.


It has crappy illustrations, but TM 55-1425-585-15-1 provides transportability guidance for logistic handling and movement of the systems making up the Chaparral Air Defense Guided Missile system. This includes the M54 ground mount, the M730 self-propelled system, and the M48 carrier-mounted sytems. There is also this video showing the procedure for dismounting the m54 launcher from its m48 carrier for transport by a CH-47.

The concept is still out there recently as shown in the General Dynamics Stryker MSL that can mount three AIM-9s on one side (or six, I guess).

Styker MSL

But it lost to the IM-SHORAD system mainly because the IM-SHORAD has guns whereas the Stryker MSL does not…and other criteria. The IM-SHORAD is simply a turret whereas the Stryker MSL requires Stryker hull modifications to accommodate a flatbed.

IM-SHORAD works and there is online video of it testfiring. Stryker MSL…no one would admit on if the thing actually works and fires to hit the target (I’m assuming that the Hellfire ATGMs work on MSL).

The Stryker MSL worked just fine. It is basically an updated Avenger turret on a Stryker. The main reason it was not selected was cost. As you said, it requires a modified Stryker chassis as opposed to just mounting a new turret onto an existing Stryker chassis. The new/modified chassis was too costly.

Understood, Gino, but I wonder if the AIM-9s can lock onto and acquire their targets because the AIM-9s in the MML box launcher had a hard time doing that, according to the US Army. Then again, the Stryker MSL AIM-9s are exposed whereas the AIM-9s in the MML are covered inside.

Off-topic, but I’d like to see the Sidewinder return to SAM service.

With the newest AIM-9Xs, their range when fired from the air, high-altitude is 26 miles compared to the 5 miles of the older AIM-9s. Fired as a SAM would be a lot less range, but still farther than the 3-5 miles of a Stinger SHORAD. Even 10-15 miles for the AIM-9X would be nice considering that the IM-SHORAD’s RADA radars detect out to:

**Threat Detection Range

Medium -Size UAV 45 Km
Heavy Transport Aircraft 100 Km
Fighter 65 Km
Fighter - Low RCS 35 Km

And Stinger can only go to 5 - 8 Km of that.