GSW Paint Station with Cutting Mat

Not exactly something I would need, but I thought someone here might find this item from Green Stuff World useful. :hammer_and_wrench:

‘GSW Paint Station with Cutting Mat’

Note: I have no affiliation with any companies.



Green Stuff World is a reputable modeling company and vendor; I ordered from them a few times.

GSW makes products that no other company produces and not many stores and online shops do not stock GSW products, not because they are bad, just that GSW products aren’t very well known and are niche.

The overseas shipping might be expensive though so it pays to order a few items.


Ordering often from them, many useful things and yes-best is to combine several items for shipping cost.


There’s been some very recent videos concerning these guys, they seem to take advantage of copy right laws and and loopholes, from my viewing of those I’ve decided not to buy their stuff. They have a reoccurring habit of finding non patented or copyright items from mom and pop and little Asian developers then make very minimal changes and file for patents etc. some might say it’s clever, I see it as the worst aspect of greed. Just my opinion, the case I was reading about concerned ‘their original brush cleaning’ system.

Not saying they are not but the brush cleaning system design is basically the same as the Masterson Rinse Well, which has been around for a decade at least.

I’ve seen GSW market products that can be found on Amazon…and just attach their logo and name to them. I’m not saying that they’re direct rip-off copycats, but the product concept is the same.

Now if adding the GSW logo and brand increases the price over Amazon’s is another story…

Apologies. I had no idea. I just saw the Paint ‘Station with Cutting Mat’ and thought it was interesting due to its portability… that’s all. :man_shrugging:

“You are NOT taking away my GSW Teddy Bear!” :face_with_monocle: