Gulf War M113A2 “Desert Oasis”

Thought I’d post some pics of my snow day project (well, technically I started it this past weekend before the snow hit). I’m using Tamiya’s M113A2 along with Modelkasten Tracks and some assorted aftermarket, Mouse House for the removable fuel cell and Maple Leaf Models M113 detail set. This is also my entry for the Gulf War Campaign.


Nice start. It is looking good.

Nice start! Good luck and enjoy.

Thanks guys.

Spent a few days scouring Getty for Gulf M113s. Here is my inspiration:

M113 Oil Wells Getty Images

M113s entering Iraq

M113s Getty Images

Any idea what unit they are a part of? There is also the curious looking blue “license plate” in the last linked photo on the two M113s.

interesting picture links, thanks for posting. I shall be watching your M113a2 build for further updates.

Here is the “Desert Oasis” I had in mind:

Figures from Royal Model (showering) and Bravo6.

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The first pic and last pic are of Engineer Bn M113s, you can tell by the big “E” on the sides. I can’t tell what unit though. I think the blue license plates are Iraqi plates the crews have “liberated” and stuck on their M113s.

A few Iraqi plates (1980’s - 1990’s)


Thanks Gino. That was my hunch. Anything engineer specific I should be tossing inside?

H.P. I have no doubt that if you could read the license plates in the photo you would have posted multiple shots of the actual vehicle it used to belong to. I’ll have to resize and print those out. Thanks.

I would add some pickets, cones, and a picket ponder in/on them. Other than that, a lot of gear, as you can see in the pics. A whole squad of 6-9 guys live on each M113.

Please, what ever you do sir, add the correct MRE’s to the track! Since it is the 30th anniversary, guys have been posting there builds and adding the current MRE boxes to their builds.

These are the correct MRE’s for the time frame:

here are slides I made of most of the gear for ODS time frame:


We would carry a small pallet to stand on and keep our feet off the sand while we showered.

Also. we would some how attach a couple of camo net poles some how to our vehicle and hang the collapsible shower to it. For the m113, poles could be slid through the lifting points.

@epi what about the c rations in the tamiya accessories set on the left, are the different from the ones on the right as the left-hand side accessories pack is a lot older than the new one and I think you will be struggling to get hold of verlinden printed sets these days.


Yes, the MREs that come in the older Tamiya accessory set (35141) on the left are the older, flatter boxes that are correct for ODS.

The newer accessory set (35266) on the right has the newer, more square MRE boxes used since the mid-late1990s.

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Thanks for posting these images. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words!

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@epi Not to worry, I’ve got plenty of the Verlinden boxes and even more of the Tamiya ones! Thanks for the reference photos, some good reminders there.

Interior decals are from Quartermaster’s Depot.


Sprue Brothers has the Verlinden older style MRE’s in stock right now both in 120mm and 1/35.