Gulf War M1A1

I have the Rye Field kit ready to build. I also have a copy of the Warmachines No. 8 book, A Gulf War Eyewitness Report.

I notice that the pictures show a number of vehicles with paint stripped off via sandstorm and others with their paint jobs intact. So how often did paint jobs get stripped? I’m uncertain how to achieve the stripped effect, and would prefer to avoid making a vehicle too stripped of paint if I don’t have to, even if I knew exactly how to achieve this.

Units that arrived in NATO were painted with locally sourced paint that was easily worn/stripped off, as opposed to those units that were in CARC which was much more durable.

What Armorsmith said. As I recall M1’s didn’t truly get paint stripped unless they want back to the factory for rebuild and basically became a new tank.

One way you can achieve the look is with the hairspray technique


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