Gun box details for 5 ton VN dump trucks

Hello all, I am getting the AFV Club dump truck and have the Hobby Link and Real Model conversions and would like to build 1 as my dump truck and another as our gun truck, Mafia Operated. Would anyone have any gun box pictures as the only ones I have are outside ground level shots. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Wayne

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Hello Wayne!
I would like to know more details, too! Some photos of the interiors of the gun trucks are in the Lyles’ book “Hard Ride”, vol 1 and 2, but none of these interiors are dumper based gun trucks (they weren’t that many of them, huh?), and all the trucks were very “custom” anyhow so I guess we’re left to study hard what’s out there and then use our “licencia poetica” anyhow… I have wondered for years how the details of “Invader II” would look like…
Good luck with your builds and have a nice day