Gundam Aqueous MR Hobby

So i was looking for a particluar color in the Tamiya range and couldnt find it. But got the below. Ive never used this brand and see all kinds of different names online - Gunpa i think, Mr color, etc… So thats why i put the pic up. Says water based but smell like lacquer. Questions:

  1. can i thin with Tamiya LT or Mr Color ? Guessing so based on the smell.
  2. tips on ratios ?
  3. Consistency? Guessing like the “skim milk” addage.
  4. PSi for airbrush ?

Just checking before 1st time use…

Tks much.

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Do not let Tamiya thinner near it, I use the range from Mr Hobby and stick to their own range of thinners.

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I used lacquer thinner with my Mr Color.

Ok to brush with it? If so , same advice if need to be thinned? Tks again.

The stuff airbrushes fabulously. It was my go to acrylic brand until they stopped importing it due to labeling issues years ago. I usually have pressure in the 15-20 psi range. As far as hand brushing goes, thinning is a good idea, but you’ll have to experiment a bit to find ideal ratios, depending upon the color.

If you notice it has AQUEOUS on the label. It’s just a rebranding of the Mr Hobby Color line (not to be confused with Mr Color lacquer line). I would use the thinner meant for this paint, you can see it at Spruebrothers (GUNT111 Gunze Sangyo Mr Hobby Aqueous Color Thinner 400ml - Sprue Brothers Models LLC). I have also used Mr Hobby Leveling Thinner and in a pinch 90% iso alcohol. The paint can be brush out of the bottle but I found it drys on the brush very fast.

tks! I did put , hard to say, poured, a tad - 8 drops in the AB cup by itself to test. At around 20psi and a .33 tip. Surprised pleasantly. Sprayed great until closer to the end. then I think I got some dry tip and the paint towards the bottom of the test in the cup started to dry up I think. I added a dab more paint to the cup to get it going, but no luck. So next time I may try a smidge of LT.

I needed a color match and wanted to try this.

thanks for the info - good to know. I do know there was some “branding issues” I think - so all this is confusing to me. I now see MRP paints too !?! So Is the pic I posted an older bottle or new? I wasn’t (aren’t) sure of the progression in the name game…

If it dries quickly, it won’t be good for me - im a slow painter.

Have you looked at the Tamiya LP range, LP-35 Insignia White looks like a very similar colour to me?

As for thinning Mr Hobby Aquaeous for airbrushing, Mr Hobby Levelling Thinner is your friend, 50/50 at 15psi for me.

The Tamiya LP is quite thin out of the bottle. I’ve thinned it as above but many more coats are needed, so a higher ratio of paint to thinner would work too. I like to build colour slowly so the thinner mix is fine for me.

Mr Hobby Levelling thinner is one of the best discoveries I’ve made in this hobby of ours in recent years, magic potion that it is…

Edit, oh, and if you want to brush paint the aqueous some sort of retarder is going to be essential.

Tks. The local hobby shop only carries some Tamiyas spays and their acrylic line. No LP’s. I think I’m going to use VMC ivory white or maybe try to mix some tamiya white with a dab of yellow??