Gundam store USA

I am in need of some more Mr surfacer, unfortunately everywhere seems to be sold out. I did find some at

But I’ve never ordered from them nor heard of them and want to make sure I don’t get burned. Anyone dealt with them?

I did an order thru them they were legit to me.

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I bought SMS lacquer from them -all good but besieged with emails ever since .

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Thanks guys, I’ll order with confidence!!

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Yes me too. Just bought the SMS AUSCAM set and I was flooded with emails everyday til I unsubscribed. Shipping was fast and though I haven’t tried the paints yet I’ve heard they are excellent. My Aussie M1 is in line for a later date as I’m working on a couple of other projects first.

they are one of the only US distributors of SMS products. If you can try the ceramic scrapper it’s a game changer.

Michael what is a ceramic scrapper and what does it do ?

it looks like a exacto but the blade is made out of a ceramic material and it allows you to work on seam lines and mold lines without the blade biting into the plastic. I’ve had a lot of success with this. It also makes scraping a mold like off of a rounded piece without putting a flat spot on it easier.

May have to try it since I’m becoming more ham handed in my old age lol.

I heard about it thru the On The Bench Podcast and gave it a try and now it’s one of my go to tools.

lol I’ve gotten 3 emails (not related to my shipment) since ordering the yesterday. Small price to pay since they were the only ones with mr surfacer. But definitely unsubscribing

Yes I agree. No harm done