Gunze Sangyo Cobra Daytona Coupe

Just started building one of these. The instructions give almost no guidance for chassis and suspension colors. Anyone have some recommendations? No luck with the Google machine.

BTW, I have quite a few of these in unopened condition if anyone is interested in one. NOT looking for “stupid money” for one.

Welcome Bob.
I built a GS Ferrari 250 SWB three or four years ago. It went together pretty well. I don’t remember colour callouts for that either but you can’t go to wrong with shades of black and metallics.
What other kits of their range do you have?


A couple Ferraris like yours.

At 72, I’ll croak before I finish everything I have. I got a bit carried away buying kits in the 90s !!! I started building again while recovering from rotator cuff surgery because I can’t work on my race car until at least late January because the boredom was making me crazy

Welcome to our little corner of kit Maker, you’re going to really like it here.

Almost every chassis back in the 1960s were painted Gloss Black, and the Shelby Daytona Coupes were no exception. These pics are of running Coupes so there’s a lot of wear on the chassises, but you can clearly see that the color was Gloss Black on some of the various parts.

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P.S. Finally found some good pictures of some restored Daytona coupes. Seems white was the chassis color. I guess I will use automotive primer and airbrush the color.

I’d be very leery of a white chassis in a restored Daytona Coupe. Restorations are usually very iffy.


Can’t argue that with most restorations. But, given the extraordinary value, and only 5 of these, one would think that they would be correctly restored. So, just started researching via Google. I am waiting for a few metric drill bits to comply with instructions, so I have time.

I believe that this is the restoration that you’re referring to:
But I don’t believe that they got the chassis correct. The owner could have wanted it white not black, but we’ll never know.

I still believe that all the Shelby Cobras including the 6 Coupes had their chassis painted in the standard Gloss Black.
Here is Daytona Cobras with parts of its chassis visible , all are Gloss Black.

Also notice that the front transverse spring in the restoration has been also painted white. In the last picture you can clearly see that it either hasn’t been painted or painted in Silver.
And here is one picture of a Coupe at the factory with a Gloss Black chassis.



Excellent. Thx. Waiting for some metric drill bits to get started.

One has to wonder if someone is restoring one of the original six, that given the expenses, they wouldn’t go 100% original in all things. Continuations? Maybe not so much. I wonder how the latter left the factory.

Honestly, my guess that all the Shelby cars till they stopped production used Gloss Black to paint the chassis. Once I checked out those B&W photos from the Shelby shop, I’m convinced that you can’t go wrong with using it. As for the Gloss White restoration, who knows the why’s and how comes? The final decision still is yours as you’re the modeler.

Please post a Build blog so that we can follow your build.


By “blog”, do you mean starting a thread? Never started a “blog”, nor do I know how.

Yes. A Build Blog or a Build Thread is exactly the same thing.

To start one it’s basically just like starting a new post/thread like this one.
Go to KitMaker Automotive
Right under it is the New Topic Tab, click on it
In the Blue Highlighted box type whatever you want to call your Blog
Leave it as Automotive
Click the Create Tab. That’s it.

You post all your updates for your build in there, and we’ll visit to view and or post our comments there as well.


Ok. Thanks.

For those that built this, how did you secure all the metal bits that are the chassis?
Super glue?

I’ve never built a multi Media kit so I really can’t help you. All the metal PE parts I’ve attached to plastic models has been with regular and thin CCA glue.

One word of advice, you’d be better off re-phrasing your question to any multi media kit rather then this one specific kit, so more members can respond then thinking that this kit is some how different.


For those that built this kit, how did you go about installing the chassis into the body? Seems the wheels are LAST in this kit.