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New figures of 1/35 Modern Bundeswehr Tank Crew

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Well, good to see some “hanging around the tank park” type of figures although personally, I would have liked to have seen an earlier iteration. Perhaps they’ll come in due course - one can hope.

Soooo glad to see some modern figures!! Thank you.

I am glad to see some BW figures and they are great ones but what about some BW figures from the 80´s they would be very helpfull for all the older (in timeline ) models

You can use them as 1980’s tankers. Panzerkombi in one-tone Olive Green and a black barett and you’re done. That’s how I ran around during my Leopard 2 time in the mid 1980’s. Would suit perfect for a Leopard 2A4 or even a Marder 1A3. Okay, then the barett must be Green (“Greni Grün”) … :grin:

Torsten, what color do you suggest to be a good start point for the old 80’s era olive color Bundeswehr uniforms?

And fluc, floc, FLECKtarn, too! Or tropentarn, even. I’ll grab both in 1/16 (see the H3 website). May even grab the Takom Wiesel to go with them. Boys will need a ride after all

Forgive my butting in here, but for Bw uniforms of the 70s/80s I tend to go with – bearing in mind I generally use enamels – a mix of Humbrol Cockpit Green (78) slightly lightened with something like their Khaki Drill (72). I noted - during my service alongside my German Army compatriots - that whilst a new uniform was quite a dark, greenish olive drab almost, it soon washed out into an almost field grey colour - I sometimes wonder if, in the interests of German martial tradition that was intentional! Anyway, for what it’s worth it seems to work quite well.

(filches from the www)

and in modelling practice:

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Brian got it quite right, the Panzerkombi always looked washed out because it was cleaned and washed nearly every week. So a faded olive green would come close from my memory. This is an olive Kombi as I had it but here it’s new. I hope it helps
Anton Blöchl Panzerkombi mit Futter Typ BW | bw-online-shop

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@BootsDMS , @BlackWidow ,
Yeah,I prefer enamels as well. I’ve tried Revell Light Olive and Humbrol RLM 02 as the Olive, but neither color looks quite right. I have an old Bundeswehr parka and set of trousers & jacket that I had traded for BDUs and a field jacket while cross attached to a Bundeswehr Gerbigsjaeger company long ago to use as a reference, but I really have yet to see a color that is a good match.

Great pics and excellent model Brian!


A picture at a railhead I took when I was stationed in West Germany…
Notice the KFC container. There was a KFC at this railhead, and it had famously greasy chicken.


Great picture! Love that M113 medic vehicle

Looks pretty close to these.