H3 Models US 1/16 figures news

I was poking around on hobbyeasy and came across some new, to me, 1/16 US figures, including a Korean war soldier, two M1 MBT crew, a GI Jane modern girl, and four different paratroopers from WWII. So I immediately ordered the two tankers, and an assault pack to go with them, from Jason Studio. I’ll let you know what they’re like once I receive them. Yep, they’re pricey, being the top end for scanned and 3D printed figures… But there are few options out there…

I think I have seen those released in 1/16 scale, but don’t remember if I wrote the “official” news story on them. The 1/35 scale versions look impressive, I can only imagine what 1/16 scale looks like. Your input on the quality would be appreciated. :grin:


Yep, I’ll keep you (& Armorama) updated. I’m expecting good things…

Got a link? Who’s the manufacturer?

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Hi Bravo 36,

This is all the info I have currently: H3 Models (KR) and HobbyEasy | Figures

I’ll update you further once I’ve received more.