Hairbrushes: Could these be useful?

They turned up in one of the ads on Kitmaker (I’m happy as long as it’s not ads for ladies underwear)
Nail artist brushes or maybe the term is “Nail Art Liner Brushes”

Also available in black
if pink isn’t your thing,
pink handles could be easier to spot in the general clutter at the work table,
stands out from every other colour we use for our models,
except maybe for this one:


I’m sure there is a use somewhere in the hobby for these. Is the tip solid? It’s funny how I look at things in stores and wonder if it has an alternate use in the hobby

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They say bristles so I assume it is not solid …

Interesting. Saw 35 piece set on Amazon by Artdone that had dot brushes talked about in the recent past.

Now how to get in the house and not get a new task?

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I actually prefer to use liner brushes for acrylic paints.

I use Grumbacher 10x0 sable liners because the long bristles hold a lot of paint for the size of the tips. This allows the paint to “flow” off the bristles in useful, but controllable amounts.

Rounds (or sometimes called “brights”) are really good for oils since the shorter bristles allow you to “work” the paint, brushing it out thin and blending. However, really small rounds hold so very little paint in their bristles that they can be aggravating to use with acrylic paints.


I already have an Alie Express account so I just ordered a set (black!). At that price, and free postage, they should be useful for something!..besides fingernails. Now I just have to wait about a month.
:smiley: :canada:


A full review or test report is expected :grin: :wink:

Was it this?

Close but basically the same.