Hairspray Chipping

Is hairspray chipping still viable? Are the products for chipping the new norm? Is painting the chips the way to go? Is it all of the above? Any feedback would be appreciated. I’m very new to Armor Modeling, sorry of it is a newbie question.


I use hairspray.

It has its place on a project and is just one tool to get a certain look on a model.


Yep…me too. Hairspray is cheap and plentiful.

Thank you so much everyone! Hairspray it is.

Hairspray is still the way for me also, very surprised AK or Mig have not released their brand of “hairspray” under a different name and charge 15.99 for it.


A combination of methods will give the best results in my humble opinion.
If you go with hairspray try the super cheap Suave no8 super hold in the pump bottle. Pour in your airbrush and use that way

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What do you mean they have already,just not that expensive.

Lol…love their marketing…a “revolutionary product”!

I used hair spray for the first time recently and I find it to be the easiest way to get a nice random realistic chipping in the simplest way

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I used hairspray a couple of times,worked well,but initially I didnt like my tank smelling like an old beauty salon :smile:


I have both Harris spray and a couple products from VMS,the effects with hairspray totally,was eye opening and amazed me,haven’t used the VMS stuff yet,as there are a couple of different ways to go,one seems like the same effect as hairspray being under painting and the other is external chipping,vantage model solutions,is there web site,in Poland,and they have full video of there products,it is enlightening,and now AK and the other one,brain fart,have jumped in too.great experience ordering from V M S,with timely delivery,so you have many choices .

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I did my first go at this past summer using the same hairspray above in the video. Used it for the side skirts on a Bradley I’m working on and the effect was great, easy to manipulate which getting started again is key in my opinion. There’s a lot of other techniques, brush, sponge etc, I try to use them all when appropriate and/or some work better in certain areas. Good to have alot of arrows in the quiver.

There’s nothing wrong with many of the alternative products (or so I’m heard, I’ve only tried a couple of them!). However the hairspray works reliably and is frankly really easy to spray and mask if needed.

Salt is another excellent way to depict chipping.


Yes, I use salt for chipping.

Very pleased with the result.