Hairspray technique questions

I have a few questions regarding the hairspray technique. I have watched numerous youtube videos about this from some renowned modelers, but still have a few questions.

I am planning on spraying a whitewash on a turret of my cromwell tank. After I have applied the decals and want to seal the decals and prepare the paint for the white wash do I do this with an acrylic…?gloss, satin or flat? I am planning to use Tamiya acrylic for the whitewash, do I use a gloss or a flat for the white? Also is thinning the paint with water the best?

I know I need to do my own tests. I have a piece of plasticard prepared and painted at the same time as my kit, but if I can narrow it down a bit it would help.

This might help you


Seal your base colour with a gloss, it’ll ensure your chipping comes off smooth and that you’re not having to rub so hard.

As with everything, ensure lots of cure time
for your gloss before your hairspray.

I’ve always used flat white, but no reason you can’t do gloss if you’re going to flat coat the whole final tank when you’re done.

If you’re using Tamiya, use their X-20A thinner or IPA. Water does weird things to Tamiya and it won’t spray. Lacquer/cellulose gives too hard a finish and it won’t chip nicely.

For added whitewash fun, AK makes a washable white paint that you can slather on after for a more drippy look.

I’ll send you a couple videos to watch too that helped me.


Thank you @Tojo72 and @Canmedic . This will give me a bit of reading and viewing to do. I’m grateful for the help!

AK and Vallejo make chipping fluid for the same purpose.

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