Halftrack and 88mm

I’ve got a hankering for a half track and 88mm for my stash. I think I can sneak them into the stash without the wife knowing!! Ouch.

What’s the best route for a half track towing an 88mm. I like detail and a challenge.


If you are looking at 1/35th I would say Dragon Sd.Kfz. 7 and Dragon 88 mm
They have/had a combo-set:

Dragon 6545 is a Sd.Kfz.7 as artillery tractor so I presume it would work with the 88.
Dragon has a few different 88 kits, 6260 comes with a crew:

There is also the early Flak 18 from AFV-Club:

This is the early version of the 88 so it would go nicely with Dragon 6545 which is also labeled as an early version

Thanks. I’ve check with my local supplier but no luck. I’ll keep looking.

You may need to consider ebay since these kits have been around for quite some time and may well be sold-out in most shops …