Hand-Me-Down T-90A from Meng

Just picked up a partially started Meng T-90A tank from my local shop. Previous owner probably started it but at some point he threw his hands up and tapped out.

Kit seems to be all here…

Some components were upgraded with Voyager PE…

Looks to me like he had a mishap with some glue spilling on a part…

Engine is completely assembled…

And fits into the compartment without problems.

By looking at a few details; the previous builder was no slouch and was doing a really good job until he stopped and decided to quit this build…

Lower hull is there and complete.

all wheels contact the table; that’s good.

These kits go for little over $100 bucks here; but I picked this one for $35 plus tax after some convincing from the shop owner; he gives
Me a lot of good deals, even threw in a sheet of 1/35 scale Middle East decals from Tamiya for free; how could I say no to such a deal?

I might have to ask you all for help putting this one together. I know I can handle the kit, but if I hit a roadblock, I will call upon you all for some assistance.

Wish me luck.


Luck to you. It’s always interesting to complete somebody else’s pre started kit. It looks like most of the work is pretty well done, so you should be safe with this.


That is not an unintentional spillage. The original part looks like this:

I get the impression that he had started preparing the plastic for some Voyager PE-upgrades.


Yeah; that makes sense. Unfortunately; the Voyaget PE set was not included in the box, so it m kind of short-handed in that. But it’s a $30 kit, so I can’t complaint.

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Tough :wink:
Maybe the previous owner still has that PE-set?
Could be worth the effort to ask.
That Voyager set is in the $50+ range …


I built this kit some time ago and was excellent, you got it at a good price and saved some work. Good deal :slight_smile:

Just seems you will have to hide those boxes somehow…


There are catch sets for modern Russian tanks available on eBay. Not sure what postage to the US would be?

PEA 344 clasps for modern tanks.


Good catch on that. I’ll keep an eye out.

Found a very nice build tutorial on YT on how to build and paint this kit.

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Probably one of my favorite builds,I thought the turret was impressive,I even loved the indie tracks.

Yours is looking good


Got in contact with Meng about getting a replacement for the C parts tree… $23 shipped. That’s almost half the price I paid for the kit. I will most likely just repair the part with some 0.10 strip styrene. Not going to get a new PE set, since it’s an expensive set.

I also had to remove the PE details on one of the drive sprockets, since it made the sprocket too narrow for the stock tracks to fit. I’m working slowly to make sure that all the parts are where they’re supposed to be.


Currently working on mine too, I intend to do it as captured by ukraine (I got the special edition)

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The one with Putin riding a grizzly bear.



yes, funnily they call him a “male” figure, yet he got the shape and the hairline. I wonder if they didn’t had backlash from the abrams with a trump figure.

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You could just set a tarp on the sponson.


Found some 0.10 strip on my box and decided to build the straps on the sponson.

Not as pretty as the PE set, but it’ll do.


It looks decent. I’m not a rivet-counter, plus it saved me the $23 I would’ve had to pay Meng for the spare Sprue or $20 from getting the PE strap set from Voyager.

Plus it boosts my confidence when it comes to fabricating parts on builds. :blush:


I’m doing mine from the box. I decided to paint my side skirts black, so if my airbrush doesn’t clog, I’ll start tomerrow.


I’m doing the same. I intend to build it without the external fuel drums, but leave the hangers in place. I have seen some tanks without the hangers, other with the hangers bolted sideways.

No hangers

Hanger bolted sideways.

With hangers.


I plan to do mine with its tanks, I will use the crew from the special on other projects(not sure if those guys would fit a ukraine war 2022/23 russian tank crew tho).

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