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Adie Roberts continues his inspirations to help inspire modellers of all abilities to work out of their comfort zone building dioramas or just trying new builds.

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Wow that’s a very action packed scene. Figures look to be painted nicely and the groundwork looks great, but if those are sandbags laying around on the ground they look humungus. Way too big. No way a man can carry one of those very far. Otherwise very nice

It is indeed action packed; I have to comment though on the renditions of '37 Pattern British webbing; sadly, poorly portrayed. So strange that very few modellers get it right yet there are more than enough references out there.

Brian do you mean the painting or sculpting of the webbing ?

Sadly the sculpting/positioning/details; also, I do not think that the entrenching tool and its cover were in use by the 8th Army - which this purports to be. There’s the question of how the kit hangs, gravity etc, and the buckles on the small-pack - or lack thereof (the pack on the back of the figures). It’s a shame as I do admire the energy displayed, but as I say, there’s more than enough info out there to get this all a little better. Jeez, I’m half-inclined to purchase a set myself and give a tutorial(!)

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I see. I would certainly be tuning in to any tutorial you would give on the subject, I am lacking somewhat when it comes to British ww2 kit. I have plenty of references just haven’t been doing British subjects except for a para at Arnhem from Verlinden recently.

I think this is a nicely put together ‘dio in a box’ that Masterbox did some time ago. The action is dynamic and striking to look at- plus the painting is excellent.

@BootsDMS- I do see where you are coming from in regards to the kit. However, in my experience few kits ever get the soldiers kit 100% right- especially if you are depicting a very particular unit/time/event etc. Plus the way it all hangs is always going to be slightly stiff on a plastic fig. I would certainly enjoy a tutorial about things like that though as I enjoy learning about it myself.

One thing though, while we’re at it- its my understanding that there was no official 37 Pattern Entrenching tool- at the outbreak of war troops were issued a tool bought from the Netherlands, the Linnemann E-Tool which bore a close resemblance to the German E-Tool. The British simply manufactured canvas covers. Then, when troops reported not liking this tool stocks of the 08 Tool were re-issued and most of the Linnemann tools were out of service by 1943. If this is correct (and please do correct me if I’m wrong) then perhaps the 8th Army would have had the Linnemann tool if they were ever even issued E-Tools.