Happy Fathers Day to all!

It’s Fathers Day here in the US so Happy Fathers Day to all you styrene heads!


You as well. Nothing better than being a dad.


To all of you who still have your fathers - love them! Appreciate them while you still have the opportunity!
To all of you who are fathers - Happy Fathers Day - take every moment to be an excellent Dad while you have the chance!


Happy Fathers Day!


To you as well, good sir.


Happy Fathers Day y’all.


Happy belated Father’s Day.

Mine was pretty profitable. As it was my day I wanted to visit a collectible antiques store I recently found out about as well as another antique mall my wife and kids had not been to yet, followed by picking up a few things at HobbyTown.

The collectibles store was crammed full of Star Wars and Hot Wheels/Matchbox for the most part but they had a lot of interesting odds and ends including a female WWII Red Cross worker’s uniform and a Wehrmacht dagger. I happened to have brought a bunch of random die cast cars and Star Wars I hadn’t mustered up the energy to toss out on ebay and ended up walking out of the place with a pair of Revell 70’s muscles car kits and a Bandai 1/144 X-wing I needed for a diorama idea plus a mess of antique novelty butane lighters and a stained glass wind chime AND $100 cash.

I didn’t find anything at the antique mall that spoke to me, but HobbyTown took the $100 I made at the first stop and turned it into the Round2 release of the 1/350 Klingon Bird-of-Prey from Star Trek III and a Bandai 1/144 AT-AT walker which I missed the first go-around, Oh, and some paint and Tamiya masking tape in various widths.

So, pretty good day that for myself was basically free except for my meal during the outing.