Harder & Steenbeck airbrush

Well finally took the plunge and bought a new airbrush. After looking on here for peoples views on good airbrushes, availability online and the fact I had an Amazon voucher given by my company for christmas I got this.

It’s the Harder & Steenbeck Ultra with two needles (0.2 and 0.4), a larger cup and also a quick release for the airline so was ready to use straight from the box. I’ve been using a cheap Chinese brush which has recently been having a few issues. The new brush is so much smoother in operation, no clogging so far and a very even coat applied. It strips down without the need for tools for cleaning and to change the needle and nozzle. Granted it is the entry level brush in their range but as is typical with German engineering I can’t find any faults and the workmanship is superb.


Great tool indeed, it should last many years!

I have an Evolution and never have used the large cup :slight_smile:


Sounds like a new high performance Porsche 911 among a parking lot of rusty minivans:)

I honestly can’t see a time I would use the large cup either, unless I was doing a 1/6 model which is unlikely, and it is swings and roundabouts when comparing it to my old brush.

Great choice. It is a superb tool for painting models, once you learn how to use it most of the paintjobs you will need to do will be an easy task. Keep the part numbers for the needles and nozzles, I have the impression they are similar with the Evolution series except the front part.

Take in mind that the teflon seals are sturdy but if you plan on using strong solvents like polyurethane thinners (Body 740) you might need to replace them soon.

Lacquer thinners and white spirit dont affect the seals.

Always tighten with your hand, dont use tools, it will prolong the life of the seals.

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