Harrier II "Ace of Spades" VMA-231

Which squadron/version does this VMA-231 Marines Harrier belong to? It doesn’t have the typical “Ace of Spades” markings on the tail.


There is a picture of this in Lou Drendel’s “Harrier Illustrated” page 71. Shows “01” being fueled on USS Kearsarge in April 2018. Can’t see what the tail markings are.

Color profile in Osprey’s “Osprey Combat Aircraft #104: AV-8B Harrier II Units of Operation Enduring Freedom”, Profile #15 - Kandahar Nov. 2009 to May 2010.

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VMA-231. It has the CG tail code which belongs to 231. Planes change tail paint schemes especially 00 or 01 birds as the unit’s discretion.

Here is the same plane with 231 but as the number 5 bird. The numbers also change around.


Hasegawa made a 1/48 kit with these markings but it’s discontinued. I can’t find decals for these markings.

Which ones did you want, the spades or the first photo?