Has any company released a Russian Black Eagle in 1/35?

I ordered some parts from ‘Custom Factory’ in Russia, which never showed up and had to open a PayPal dispute. But I’d really like to build this tank.


I think Custom factory were, were the only game in town; a shame they appear to have folded. However, I seem to recall a scratch project on Armorama around a decade ago - perhaps not that long; I’m afraid I can’t be quite bothered to research it but I would have thought that if you go on the old site and use the search tool something might crop up. With any luck it might help your project.


Yep, I remember it. This is the one. Scratch built, to perfection seemingly.

Skills out of my league though. Good looking tank/scene. Funnily enough, I remember using it in the videogame Battlefield: Bad Company.


Wow! That does look different; I normally only major in Cold War stuff ie 45-89 but if a conversion/kit existed I might just be tempted. My scratch skills are pretty well zero - cutting a straight piece of plastic card seems to defeat me.

I just wonder if someone like Panzershop would be interested?

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I’d certainly pay, if someone were to ad hoc some parts for a couple of T-80 donors. The turret is just out of my skill range.

I would have thought Trumpeter was on it…I thought years ago they posted a prototype assembly of the Black Eagle, the time when they seemed to post development builds with wonderful frequency.