Has anybody made carpets before?

Has anybody tried making carpets before?

I am looking to recreate one but am not sure if I can make a convincing one. Has anybody had any success recreating the texture and volume that carpets have rather than just a printed photo of one?

My last oriental style carpet was less than half an inch thick, a Chinese style silk carpet could be thicker, say 3/4 inch. Say 20 mm as upper limit, and that is a thick monster of a carpet.
Ordinary printing/copier paper is about 0.05 mm
1:35 gets us 0.5 mm thick, if the real one is 10 mm which is more reasonable the scale carpet is only 0.25 mm.
1:72 would be half the thicknesses compared to 1/35, i.e. 0.25 and 0.12

Printing on ordinary printer paper would require gluing the printed pattern onto some backing.

Maybe it might be possible to print on decal paper and fix this to a piece of cotton shirt, would require a liberal use of Micro-Sol / Micro-Set to get the decal film down on the textile.

An oriental style carpet is essentially smooth in 1/35 or smaller scales.
Some wall-to-wall carpets have a more pronounced structure and those will be difficult.

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In the car world (1/24) we have this product

or just flocking powder available in several different colours

It may be to thick for use in 1/35 but there may be other products more suitable for your scale.


This might be something along the lines you are looking for.


These look great! thanks

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I was going to suggest 1:25/1:24 model car product world as well (@Littorio ). Also, there are craft texturing from an aerosol can. A shape (rug) or an entire floor (wall-to-wall carpet) can be masked off and sprayed to the depth desired. Then painting or decal(s) applied over it.

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I have those, or something very similar at least. They look very convincing.


I don’t have those but I do have some fabric flags and they look excellent so I’ve no doubt these would look the part.