Has Masterclub closed down

Hi all,

i was looking for some Masterclub products, in particular some of their Russian figures in Afghanistan but i can’t find them any place, at least not here in the UK and i can’t seem to get their website page to open up, have they ceased trading, or been taken over by someone else?


David, try Wildcats models:

MASTERCLUB - Wildcat’s Models Marcin Kita (wildcatsmodels.com)

Mainly tracks I think but I’m sure there’re some figures within. They also provide, in my experience, an excellent service and are my go to store for the more esoteric, or at least what passes for esoteric in UK!

Good luck.

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@BootsDMS cheers Brian, a lot tracks and not much in the way of figures :thinking:

Thanks, have never really given these much thought as I’m severely allergic to indy link tracks (did it once, made a right cock up and swore I never would again). But I did see in Wildcats listings that Masterclub make a set of snap fits for the WW1 Mk.IV. Unfortunately out of stock. They do though have a set for the MK.V. Are they any different I wonder?

I’ve got the Takom Mk.IV and the multi part tracks in the kit are quite frankly ridiculous and need replacing.

Stephen, I’m not a huge fan of indy tracks - especially the Masterclub ones as they seem to use resin pins which is all a bit counterintuitive to me (ie, fragile, brittle), but it’s always horses for courses; I have more luck with Friuls. Perhaps if you posted a specific question amongst the WW1 fraternity they might be able to help?

If you do use Wildcats - for whatever - they provide a very good service.

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Thanks, it was one of those thoughts when I saw them. Will have to ask around and do a little digging myself on the specific set.
Snap fit sets I think I can deal with, anything else just looks like the stuff of nightmares to me!
Don’t a lot metal tracks need all the holes drilling first?

The Friuls I have used have not needed any drilling out at all; however, I understand that sometimes there is a bit of metal flash over the apertures which might warrant a quick turn with an appropriate drill. I have found AFV Club tracks quite easy to use, ditto Trumpeter - specifically their T-80 and T-64 ones, which were a dream.

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Ah, I’ve seen builds were people did that and I assumed that the entire hole had to be drilled. That’s why I always stayed away from them.

The ones I did were on some Dragon half track (can’t remember which). Two part fiddly things that took weeks to assemble. I ended up gluing solid and snaking left and right. Result was they didn’t fit around the wheels. Not a great experience and put me right off. Thought Dragon were onto a winner when they changed to DS. And then that was even more of a horror story!

I have a couple of Panda Sherman sets which seem to be much better from a quick test fit I did.

I’m still trying find their figure range if anyone can help me.

Hobby Easy carries the line, but unfortunately they don’t have stock of many of the figures.

Try contacting this Facebook group: ‘Masterclub’ product shop (UK) | Facebook they are UK based and sell their tracks. Nick might be able to tell you how to get ahold of the figures or at least if they are no longer produced.

@Buckeyes57 I’m not on Facebook, can you ask for me please?


the page is still there, but stock seems very limited when you look at anywhere that stocks it (im in Oz and BNA only has tracks as pre-order.

Theres a russian website that says it has the figures in stock but available up to 90 days after order so seem a bit dodgy

(update) - well it was there a few minutes ago, now cant get to it


this is their email address from the website

or try these. they appear to have the figures


Thanks for your help Colin, I tried the website and it didn’t work so I went on the armor35 site and they have a good selection of figures, however all the Russians in Afghanistan series are mostly out of stock but I will try that email address and see where it leads me.

Tank also offers a good selection of Russians in Afghanistan so that might be a better option, as they do seem to be more readily available.

If you look for Masterclub’s Soviet figures in Afghanistan check here

If you want to check the range of Tank go here:

(Models-Hobby are also the official Live Resin store)


@jfeenstra Jon I can never get the Tank website to work for me but if you have a working link then I would appreciate it if you could share it.



@BootsDMS Brian Wildcats are holding off on account of the Russia/Ukraine thing, so much more stock coming through that route.