Hasagawa EA-18G

Calling this one done, I built this as a thank you to my son who served in the USN, part of the time in this aviation unit. I also want to thank Rock Roszak for hooking my up with his Detail and Scale Series on the Super Hornets. I’m not an aviation modeler, in fact this is my first modern jet, but I really enjoyed it. Hasagawa EA-18G on a cut down Ammo Carrier Deck Base.


Excellent work!


how did you find the kit, any fit issues, instructions easy to understand?

Impressive build !

I thought the fit was pretty good overall. This was my first jet build so I don’t have a lot to compare it to. I struggled some with the gear doors, but the rest was pretty decent. The instructions were good, easy to follow and the paint codes were all called out.


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Thanks, appreciate it.

Nice build my friend !
I like the F-18’s they are right up there with the F-4 Phantom in my book.
Got 3 on the build shelf with extra’s .

Thank you. This one sat for a while, but once I decided to finish it, I really enjoyed the build.