Hasard Lee's interview with Top F35 test pilot and his favorite plane of all to fly Real Maverick

Finally the interview in full instead of a bunch of youtube shorts.


Cool YT channel. :slight_smile:

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Being a former Navy jet engine mechanic and watching this hit a note in my mind. The flight simulator should be one of the steps in the jet engine mechanic Training. I was lucky to be tested in a simulator in my final days in the Navy. The pilot that was testing my was amazed at my reactions Times to every possible failure he could throw at me. I knew the aircraft, the engine and what to look for in the start and run parameters, EGT,oil flow,rpm and fuel flow. Then he asked me If wanted to fly it. my reply(and I’m kicking myself ever since) Sir I will fix them for you so you can fly them, but I’ll keep my feet on the ground thank you.

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