Hasegawa 1/32 Kawasaki Ki-61 Tony. Completed

Here is the last 1/32 aircraft I completed.

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Really nice job on that TONY!
May I ask: what did you use for the deck base?

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Very nice!

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Thank you very much.

The base is a product of Zoukiei-mura. I think it is made to go with their Skyraider.

Aside from a seat harness, the Tony is OOB.


Thanks, Dale…really neat way to display an aircraft.

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Thanks. Now I need to build my skyraider. :grinning:

Really well done Hien. Glad to see one in something other than blotch or weathered camo.

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That looks good! I like the weathering.

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Thanks guys.
Aside from a harness it is all OOB. As for the camouflage, this aircraft wears training school markings. I wanted it to be an ex combat bird. As a result I wanted it to look worn.

Thanks for liking it. :smiley: