Hasegawa 1/48 Mistel S.2

I started building this something like 20 years ago after being given it as part payment for a couple of built AFV models. I had painted the camo and then it sat for most of those 20 years waiting to get finished. One bonus of the wait is that I didn’t use the kit decals but I painted all of the markings. I also wanted to suggest a war wary airframe being used for the bomb, so I painted some panels as if they are from a different aircraft and so painted a part code on the port side. I think that every other model of this that I have seen built has the Fw190 mothership with its undercarriage down but I wanted it retracted, which caused some issues but I’m quite pleased with the outcome. I used sliding tube to fit the 2 aircraft together and I made a point of quite drastically flattening the tyres on the Ju88 as these combinations were actually overweight!
I finally finished it last year.


Very imposing kit and I like the little changes you made to the bomb airframe. Finishing on the colours and cam look great as do your very annoyingly great decals lol … I would not of wanted to be the pilot for that though. It would be one big bang. I just looked at some pics of the real ones in World War Pictures, its massive when you see the troops stood near it. Great build :+1:

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Thanks, but there were no decals harmed in the building of this, not one! apart from the odd tiny stencil data type :slight_smile: So even the Werk Numbers and the 4R on the JU88 are painted. :sunglasses:


Very nice…

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