Hasegawa 1/48 Nakajima B6N “Jill” complete

Been working on this one a while. Was a bit of a roller coaster. After finishing the cockpit I spilled glue all over the lower wing assembly, so I had to order a second kit to steal from.

This is a really nice kit for its age minus one fact. They supply a wing fold mechanism that uses a poly cap, this is great for the wings up, but if you want the wings down the fit is extremely sloppy. I tackled this using strip stock to make an inner wing assembly.

Top was painted with Gunze mr color Nakajima green and the bottom with tamiya IJN grey. All other colors are custom mixes. All markings were sprayed using Cricut cut masks


Nicely done, Mead! Congrat on finishing this kit! :+1:
I have it also somewhere still sleeping in my stash …

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Thank you kindly, really happy with the result

Very nice work!

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