Hasegawa B5N2 Kate Midway

Just finished off Hasegawa’s B5N2 Kate as flying from the IJN Hiryu during the battle of Midway. Not a bad kit to put together although I pooched a few things, we’ll see if you eagle Eyes can spot them lol.


Very nice Colin - I am partial to Japanese aircraft and have this kit waiting in the wings to finish off my Kaga Pearl Harbor trio .

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The B5N2 was such a beautiful aircraft! Too bad the IJN used it finally in Kamikaze attacks so that no original is left. Your “Kate” looks really war weary, Colin! Well done!

I have built 2 over the years, as usual in museum quality … :wink:

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I’ve seen your work Torsten, definitely museum quality!


Cool! One of those AC I really really want to get to. Nice work.

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If there’s anything “pooched” I can’t see it. The one thing I haven’t ever built is an IJN aircraft (except for a Zero when I was around 13 but that’s been a loooooooooooooong time ago) . Very good woork Torsten.

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Thanks for the flowers, Joseph, but I’ll pass them over to Colin. The B5N2 is his build, not mine … :wink:

Stay safe, folks!