Hasegawa EA-18G Growler VAQ-132 'Scopions'

Let’s go with a new project. This time I have returned to, as many modellers say, to the ‘Gentlemen’s scale’. So now I have a 1/72 EA-18G on the bench. Too tiny after the F-15 and the A-10, both at 1/48. So I’ll need my glasses for sure!!

Some pictures of the kit and sprues.

The box

Instructions sheet

Some details of the panel lines (I repeat, too thin!!)

And the weapons sprues. She has two AGM-88, 2 AIM-120 (C version, I guess) ans 2 AIM-9X. My main idea is mount 2 HARMs and 2 120s.

As I’m waiting to receive the PE and the crew, I took a look at the instructions to see if I can make something meanwhile. And the first surprise is…

I need to remove some parts and fill with putty another ones. I have to apply putty in the cannon because this version has no cannon. A macro shot of the parts to work in

At least, I had time to remove the ‘some kind of antenna’ in the front before the kids wanted to have dinner :sweat_smile:

That’s all for now. I can’t make too much before the PE arrives, so I’ll go with the putty and painting the interior.



First steps done! I got the Eduard PE and could go with the cockpit and tube.

Front cockpit

As you can see the original part is not like the PE, it’s smaller and the PE edges are visible.

Rear seat cockpit

And the tube with the PEs.

Thats’ for today. Painting the tube tomorrow.



Hi there!!

Not to much for today, I could finish the cockpit. The seats are not done yet. They have much work to be done, as the Eduard kit is quite complete.