Hasegawa Macross kits, any good

I’ve been building aircraft for a little while now, but I’m curious if anyone has any experience with Hasegawa’s Macross jets. I would assume that if they’re like the typical Hase offerings they’re pretty top notch.


not really. personally, at the risk of offending people, I really despise anime. searched it, though, and i believe i did do it once- but it wasn’t in my opinion any good.

Yeah anime definitely isn’t for everyone… though to be fair, there is some truly awful anime, but also some brilliant stuff that can go toe to toe with anything else out there.

I grew up on Macross in the 80s (technically, the Americanized “Robotech” version to start) so anything from that series/storyline is major nostalgia for me. I may pick up a kit just for the fun of having something colorful and off the wall on my shelf. :grin:

yeah, I do that too!